Sep. 22, 2020

HARRISBURG – Rep. Marci Mustello (R-Butler) today issued the following statement in response to Gov. Tom Wolf’s veto of House Bill 2787. The legislation would allow Pennsylvania’s local school districts to make decisions regarding fall sports or activities.

“Applying a 250-person gathering limit to sports stadiums that have seating for a few thousand people simply does not make sense. There is absolutely no consistency and transparency. Why did the Wolf administration force the Big Butler Fair and the Butler Farm Show to be canceled, while at the same time allowing the Carlisle Car Show to be held and permit about 20,000 people through the turnstiles a day for four days? Now he will not allow parents and family members to watch the kids compete.

“The legislation is an example of how the governor operates. The bill has the overwhelming support of the General Assembly, and he insists on vetoing rather than joining us in supporting. House Bill 2787 also has broad support among student athletes, parents and the public at large. It would be right for Pennsylvanians to question the administration’s true commitment to listening to them and working on a bipartisan basis for their benefit.

“The governor should have signed the bill and let our school boards, school administrators, parents and students make the best choices for their districts. That is why we elect school board members to do what is in our best interest.

“Remember the governor’s veto just doesn’t hurt the parents and families of our student athletes. Parents whose children participate in band or cheerleading will also not be permitted to watch their kids perform.”

“The governor just doesn’t understand that these children deserve to look up into the stands and be met with love and support from their families while on the field.”

The General Assembly plans to hold a vote to override the governor’s veto as soon as possible.

Representative Marci Mustello
11th Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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